Philosophy and Values

The philosophy and values of the Moncler brand are intrinsically tied to its unique history. Over the years the brand has been involved in ambitious climbing expeditions and pioneering initiatives. Long associated with the world of sport, the mountains, active life and nature in its truest forms, Moncler has constantly and faithfully founded its philosophy and values on simple, solid principles, summed up in the words of its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Remo Ruffini.

“There is no present or future without a past; Moncler products are synonymous with an excellence in quality that does not change with fashion”

Moncler has a unique heritage and positioning. With over 60 years of history, the brand injects its DNA into innovative, versatile products that withstand the tides of fashion, making them “timeless”. Products that draw inspiration from values tied to the love of sport and nature, marked by a renowned elegance and excellence of quality. Moncler has a business model which is integrated and focused on quality control with a value chain that directly manages and coordinates the phases with higher added value. Promoting responsibility in the supply chain is an integrated part of this process.

“Moncler’s stores convey the unique values of the brand”

Moncler’s presence in major multi-brand stores and luxury department stores and the selective locations of its retail stores on the most prestigious shopping streets and holiday resorts, along with a distinctive store concept that embodies the Moncler DNA, without ever standing still, are all clear expressions of the brand’s values.

“Moncler is a globophonic company: it has a global vision with a domestic strategy”

Moncler has a policy of directly overseeing operations in the regions where the brand is present, with local management and organizations that act in strict coordination with the Parent Company. Moncler operates through the headquarters and five regional organizations (Regions): Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan, Korea and the Americas. Moncler firmly believes in the importance of strengthening and consolidating its presence in each of these areas and has long promoted the hiring of local managers and people able to understand and analyse trends in each single market.

“In order to communicate a unique product, you must have a unique communication strategy”

Moncler’s communication strategy is innovative and never banal. It always conveys the uniqueness of the product and the values of the brand in a distinctive and unequivocally identifying way.

“There can be no long-term growth without responsibility and respect”

We judge the value of our results also by how we have achieved them. In fact, there can be no long-term growth without responsibility and respect. Some years ago the company has started to integrate sustainability issues into the business model and business decisions.

“I want to be amazed by the talent of others”

Moncler has a cohesive, motivated and experienced senior management team, led by Remo Ruffini as Chairman and CEO, with clear powers and responsibilities and a demonstrated ability to deliver strong results.